Benin BØRNEfonden

Benin BØRNEfonden

February 12, 2020

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When Joe & The Juice opened the first shop in 2002, it’s founder, Kasper Basse decided that the shop should positively contribute to society and sponsor children in Africa, that way supporting children education and development. BØRNEfonden's program was chosen because of the direct connection with the children receiving the support. Today, Joe & The Juice supports around 230 children in Africa and has been helping children with education, supplies and the daily necessities to live, in more than 15 years. For every shop that Joe & The Juice opened, one child is supported in Benin, Africa.

Joe & the Juicer has been always focusing on youth, education and their development opportunities, with the ambition to make a difference to enable the society to become stronger. As the owner Kasper Basse says:

"It is our ambition that one day, we will support and help an entire village in Benin in Africa".

Joe & The Juice and BØRNEfonden have worked together for more than 16 years and are presently working on developing the strategic collaboration further both to strengthen the employee involvement as to increase aid to children and youth in Africa, through different initiatives such as events and in-store activities.

"Here in BØRNEfonden, we experience a true dedication to the projects, a high degree of professionalism to the partnership and very high ambitions for helping and supporting others." Alexandra Svarre Nielsen,  Corporate Market Manager

To the current day, we continue the legacy of our founder and are strongly committed to support youth with education and opportunities for professional and personal development.

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