June 5, 2020

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Dear Guests and fellow Juicers,
I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and to provide you with a perspective on the current situation and which challenges that’s lying ahead of us.

During this crisis, our entire organisation have worked together faster and better than dreamed possible just a few months ago. You continue to prove that our “Juicer Culture” is what makes JOE & THE JUICE truly resilient and gives me great confidence in our ability to succeed in any future challenge we are faced with.

The COVID-19 crisis will unquestionably shape our societies, yet it is still too early to understand the full magnitude of the longer-term impact. We will remain alert, and are fully aware, we still have mountains to climb before “returning to normal” and our focus is dedicated to ensuring we are "navigating the now” to the best of our abilities.

As markets start to slowly re-open, we are introducing a new concept to meet the evolving customer expectations. We will be improving cleaning protocols and ensure our stores are conceptually designed for social distancing while maintaining the unique JOE vibes.

The new store layouts will be roll-out during the next 3 months, where we will establish an end-to-end ‘contactless’ customer-flow with a separate pick-up lane for Delivery & App pre-orders. By introducing this new “store layout” we believe that the JOE App will become the preferred payment method in the foreseeable future.

Rest assured that we will come through this crisis even stronger and prepared for the future. As we accelerate the transformation of our “operating model” to accommodate shifts in customer behaviour, we will continue to build on our legacy by further developing our “JOE Culture”.

In JOE & THE JUICE, “a Juicer” is not a machine! We focus 100% on people!

Stay Healthy & Safe

Signature Sebastian Vestergaard

Sebastian Vestergaard


Joe app rough illustration

We advise all guests to use the contactless order and pick up feature in our JOE APP

Social distancing illustration

We follow social distancing measures and advise guests to do the same

sanitize illustration

We sanitize all contact surfaces frequently

hygiene illustration

We follow all hygienic precautions and advise guests to use our hand sanitizer

glove illustration

We use gloves when preparing food

contactless payment illustration

We provide opportunity to pay contactless with credit-card or pre-order on our JOE APP


In these challenging times, we have intensified our hygienic measures even further to ensure we have a safe environment for both our guests and juicers in all stores. We follow your governments recommendations closely, monitor the on-going situation and have implemented several safety measures to ensure a safe takeaway environment both in regard to payment and pickup flow for everyone:

  1. We’ve established Contactless Order and Pick Up Areas to let our guests order safely with the JOE APP or credit card (cash not accepted).
  2. We’ve clear and visible signage to inform every one of social distancing and clear guidelines for in-store behavioural safety measures.
  3. We’ve established a Contactless APP PICK UP area so customers safely can pickup their orders one by one and to ensure a fully contactless customer flow.
  4. We’ve opened our customer area with a safe social distancing between the seatings.
  5. We’ve placed hand sanitiser in our stores available for all guests at the entrance.