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Joe & The Juice is dedicated to improving animal welfare by encouraging the best industry practice through responsible purchasing decisions in all of our markets.

We choose to engage with suppliers who share our commitment and, as the minimum, adhere to European Chicken Commitment (ECC), Better Chicken Commitment (BCC), or similar standards that meet or exceed the same requirements. The European Chicken Commitment (ECC) standard improves the conditions and environment for chickens, and you can read more about its requirements here.

We are currently working with our European supplier BPI A/S to help ensure that they can supply us with slower-growing chicken raised with a maximum stocking density of 30kg/m2 by 2023 and have any remaining ECC requirements in place by 2026. We engage with our suppliers in other markets to ensure that they live up to our animal welfare standards within the timeframe outlined above. In the US we require our suppliers to be fully compliant by 2024

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